Products and Components

We provide a vast range of products and components: 
food products, electrical material, industrial automation and instrumentation, pumps and accessories, mechanical material, piping and accessories, all types of valves, equipment for oil and diesel treatment.

Business Activities

Polartrade has a strong reputation for trust and cooperative competence with its partners, with a clear strategic vision, focused on the continuous search to satisfy the needs of its clients and on the pursuit of excellent support service.

Our direct form of cooperation with various manufacturing industries and international partners, combined with the market experience of our commercial staff and properly targeted infrastructure, contribute to minimising operating costs and alleviating your current purchasing activities.

Industrial Supply

We supply all types of industry, with our prices, which are competitive, our experience in terms of the international market and our efficiency with respect to fully filling the orders our clients have placed with us. We highlight the following industries: Power Plants, Petrochemical Plants and Refineries, Steel and Metallurgy, Paper Pulp Production, Cement Plants, Extraction and Mines, Recycling, Effluent Treatment, Food and Beverage Production, Earthmoving and Cargo Lifting.